"It is only as dark as the light
inside you is bright."
- Rev. Cari Webb
Energy Work & Sound Healing
Past Life & Tarot Readings
Hoop Ceremony
House Clearings & Blessings
Rev. Cari Webb 'Pheta Uha Mani' (who carries the fire)  is a natural born intuitive, empath, psychic, healer, spiritual messenger and clairvoyant.  Cari has seen, talked and played with Spirits, Faeries and Angels  since  she  could walk. She uses Tarot, past life readings, energy, candles, crystals, feathers, voice, sound, singing bowls, drum, harp, healing touch and magic baths for the specific persons’ needs to allow the healing of one’s self to occur. Cari has also walked the ‘Red Road’ for over 25 years, and as a Sundancer is honored to run women’s Sweat Lodges for purification, healing and renewal. She brings her indigenous native Celtic  and American traditions of her lineage and teachings together for the benefit of those who seek. 
Reverend Cari Webb H.H.P., H.T.P.
'Pheta Uha Mani'
Caries the Fire