"As a young man continually learning to cooperate harmoniously with my internal and external environments, I have found working with Cari "carries the fire" webb to be incredibly beneficial. Over the course of my 27 years, I have struggled on and off with various mental, emotional, spiritual, and thus physical imbalances. For me personally, this can present as physical pain, anxiety/depression, PTSD, a complete disconnect from physical reality, difficulty with personal relationships/vocation, or in worst case scenario all of the above. After having spent years in therapy and trying different medications with little/no success, I began working with Cari at the suggestion of a mutual yoga friend. In the year plus that we have been working together, I have seen more positive changes happen for me inside and out than I did with all of the previous "healthcare" combined. While my improved wellness has also taken much personal responsibility, working with Cari proved to be a catalyst towards real healing and an exponentially significant support system that I wouldn't have made it this far without. Her skill is exceeded only by her selfless devotion to her work, and she is one of the only people I would trust explicitly to help heal my non-physical ailments."

- Colin Somogie, RYT-200, Master's of Traditonal Oriental Medicine Program, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

"After 5 years of suffering from an ailment that several MDs could not diagnose or cure, I sought out Reverend Cari Webb's healing services. Within one treatment, including the use of sound, crystals, feathers, singing, meditation bowls, salt, visualization, and prayer, my ailment disappeared. Cari also provided spiritual insight on the root of what was causing the ailment, and what changes I could make in my life, both physical and emotional, to continue to be free of it. My session with Cari was about one hour, during which I could feel her powerfully cutting away some unneeded baggage and blocks from my energetic body. At the end of the session, which was at noon, and for the rest of the day, I felt very light, peaceful, and happy. She truly cleansed my system of negativity which had been weighing on me heavily, and which I feel has ancestral origins. I credit Cari for healing myself and my ancestors, as well as the lineage that will continue after me. She is honest, talented healer who has a true connection to Spirit and a good heart. Unlike some other healers I have met, she is very down-to-earth and I felt immediately comfortable in her presence. I highly recommend working with Cari, who truly has a gift to cure and improve conditions you might have given up on healing!"

-Manvi Singh, RYT-500, Founder of Grow and Heal Yoga (growandhealyoga.com)

As with most people I assume, before visiting Ms Cari I already had some knowledge, and/or intuition, about my having had past lives. I was told some general things from a girlfriend I once dated. The lady I visit for Medium readings told me some very specific things about my parents – but I wasn't ready to put them into place/play just yet, so I scoffed them off. Then about two years later, in meditation, I received a Very Very Very Specific message directly from my (deceased) mother about our relationship -- connecting this life And a past life; I had absolute belief in what I so clearly heard from her but I had no idea how to process this information at that time, so basically it just laid dormant within me, until I met Cari.

I can tell you that I spent 27 years in various 12 Step groups, and therapies, trying to work out the issues that I had with my parents; then I met Cari and she did more for me in one hour than what I was able to accomplish in 27 years of 12 Step work. Without any knowledge of my prior messages (trust me I did that on purpose) she gave me information that helped me to connect all those prior messages and readings I had in a way that gave me Immediate Relief and Understanding of why my parents did what they did. I was able to recover my heart completely intact and move forward now with zero pain, regret, or suffering of any sort – 50+ years of pain was gone, just like that it vanished almost immediately (well within days of sitting with this new information), it was like she performed open heart surgery right there at my dining room table.

Ms Cari truly has a gift, and I hope you get to experience it for yourself, and I hope that your experience turns out just like mine.

- Randy W