"I am not afraid... I was born to do this."

~Joan of Arc

Reverend Cari Webb H.H.P, H.T.P.

About Cari                    
 I'm Cari......Pheta Uha Mani, welcome. Thank you for your
 interest in what I do, stopping by and checking out my website.
 I am from and currently live in beautiful San Diego, California
 with my husband of 30 years, our 3 amazing daughters, 3 dogs,
 1 bird, 1 snake and a Tarantula! It is an honor to introduce
 myself to you. Blessings. Moran Taing.
 Ever since I can remember, I felt there was more than meets the eye, more than I was being told,  more than just the ordinary mundane and absolutely more than most, could even imagine. Faeries were  real, I could see them. Angels were all around. My imaginary friends, weren't imaginary. Spirit spoke to  me. Dreams I had, came true. I would know personal things about people, without knowing them  personally. 'Make believe' was my reality. Magic was everywhere! That was the beginning of a life long  relationship and journey with the Fae, Angels and Spirit, as well as, alternative, and even controversial  traditions, beliefs  and teachings.

 My first Tarot deck came to me over 35 plus years ago, right around the time I found a book on ESP  (extrasensory perception) both which I coveted.  When I wasn't reading that book or the cards, I was    practicing astral  projection and energy manifestation and manipulation. Also, I was building  relationships with my Spirit guides, Faeries, Angels, and Spirit. I moved to Los Angeles, where I met  others who were interested and regularly practicing similar exercises. I sought out teachers, joined  circles, became a minister, went to school, read all the books I could get my hands on and practiced,  practiced, practiced.  Knowing  in my heart, it was all, to be able to help others. Just like I had done in  many lifetimes, before.  I really  just had to trust, and remember.

 Around 30 years, ago, I was introduced to the "Red Road", Native American teachings and since have  had the honor to walk that path simultaneously with my Celtic traditions, which, by the way marry  quite beautifully. I have always shared my gifts, understandings and teachings with family and  friends, and recently have had the calling, and time, to "come out", if you will, and go public. So, here I  am!

 It would be my pleasure and a great honor to work with you, if you so choose. Blessed be, always, in all  ways. Moran Taing ~ Mitakuye Oyasin